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Monday, August 2, 2010

Swing into Passion

So you want to take your love making to new heights? Then the Love Swing is for you! You and your partner will be able to experience lovemaking like never before!

The Love Swing is a sturdy, heavy-duty yet flexible swing with comfortable, fully adjustable, padded seat and butt supports. The soft, padded stirrups and fully adjustable nylon straps allow for maximum comfort and the ability to explore sexual positions that defy gravity.
The Love Swing is easy to install and also quick to remove. The Love Swing comes with complete instructions for installation as well as use, and all required hardware is included.
• Endless possibilities for intercourse positions with Love Swing
• Elastic spring energy means faster and deeper penetration
• Adjustable straps provide different angles of entry
• Adds versatility. Oral sex will never be the same with the Love Swing!
• Select different and more comfortable positions for less fatigue
• Hands-free fun & freedom of movement with the Love Swing
• 200 lbs. with spring, 400 lbs. without spring

Sex Positions Using the Love Swing

Using a Sex Swing the possibilities for creative Sex Positions greatly expands. Sex Swings offer 100's of combinations for new sexual positions. Swing offer fully adjustable sex harnesses for a swinging good time! Padded for comfort, the spinning sex swing can support you and your lover. They arrive fully assembled with the hanging hardware included. They are easy to Set-Up and to Take Down!

• Easily "swing" your partner to the next sex position while maintaining the mood
• You imaginations will offer endless possibilities for intercourse sex positions
• Using the Spring supplied with most sex swings gives energy for faster / deeper penetration
• With the man can standing with the woman in the swing, the man can move the woman back and forth in the swing, or move her in other interesting angles, for intercourse. This is a favorite position for many.
• Torque Support Bar™ to hold on to allows you greater leverage during sex
• Adjustable straps give you different angles of entry
• The man can sit in a chair with the woman in the swing over him, her legs spread apart or together. The woman can be facing away from the man or toward him.
• More comfortable sex positions with the Love Swing offer both of you less fatigue and back strain. This allows for more comfort and longer love making sessions.
• Hands-free sexual positions provides an entirely new realm of touch and caressing sensations during sex
• Attach the swing over the bed. Have the man lay down on the bed, bounce the woman up and down in the swing using the bungee spring.
• With the man laying down and the woman suspended in the swing over him, spin the woman in the swing 360ยบ
• A woman can be suspended face down in the swing for "doggy style" entry or anal entry. (Also, male anal entry.)

• Swing allows you to move your partner around effortlessly during oral sex
• Weightless freedom and suspended access to your lover allows a great variety of sex positions for the oral giver to use your tongue, lips, hands and mouth in new exciting ways
• Choose positions to eliminate strain on neck and back. Oral giver kneeling on floor or bed with oral receiving partner suspended in swing.
• Incorporate spring-loaded "energy" to oral sex. Use the bungee spring to give motion to oral sex or to bounce your partner up and down while giving oral.
• With the man in the swing, the woman giving oral sex can move the man by pulling and pushing him back and forth into her mouth with very little effort.
• Weightless "69" oral sex. One partner lays on the bed one direction, the other partner suspended in the swing faces the other; both of you face each others genital area.

• Masturbation fun with the Love Swing - foot stirrups keep legs apart effortlessly
• Love Swing spring allows you to bounce on insert able toys
• Relaxing positions as you swing
• Attach a dildo or vibrator with a suction cup to the wall. Suspended in the swing, push your feet off the wall with the toy inserted.

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