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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Using Media to Inspire Romance

Keeping the fires burning in a relationship can be difficult. Sometimes what started out as a blazing inferno can all but fizzle out completely. As women it is our very nature to place others needs before our own. Passion Parties believes that every woman has an inner diva. We pride ourselves in teaching women tips, techniques, and tricks, through tastefully done home parties, to utilize in their own relationship to fully empower them in the bedroom.
When it comes to spicing it up in the bedroom inspiration can come in many forms. We get inspiration from books, such as the Passion Parties Guide to Great Sex, Complete Guide to Sexual Positions, or the widely popular Sadie Allison Books series. But we also gain inspiration from media- books, television shows, and movies.
True Blood is an amazing series on HBO. The love affair between Sookie and Bill is a powerfully passionate one. They have given us ideas on taking lovemaking out of the bedroom and pretty much doing it any and everywhere – I do not however recommend you bury your partner alive, have him claw his way out just so that you can make love in a cemetery though. Sookie and Bill have given us new positions to try as well. There is even a scene in Season 3 of the Character Eric and his new dancer involving restraints. This can be humanly done by use of the Love Swing!
Another HBO Show Hung- the story of a male prostitute can give you ideas to utilize on role reversal. Where the woman is in charge and the man has to do any and everything she says. How fun! It also brings to mention my absolute favorite type of role playing the Prostitute game. Basically you get dressed up for a night of “work” as a lady of the evening and your partner has to pick you up. Now to be safe please don’t stand out on the street corner as you may be mistaken for the real thing and be arrested.
One of my customers- we’ll just called her Susan, who lives in Orlando, FL sent me this note
- I get ideas from everywhere! Sometimes I’ll see something on TV and have to try it out! Like on Keeping up with the Kardashians – Khloe’s New husband Lamar was going to be on the road playing for the Lakers for a while a Khloe attempted to make him a hot little DVD to watch and think of her. That’s incredibly sexy!

Go out there and let inspiration hit you!

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