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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Party Plan Divas

Hey Divas and Gents
I found a resource I want to share. It's called Party Plan Divas and they have really changed the way I think about my business, and some of my habits involved with my business. The Ceo and trainer Is Lynsey and she is still in the business And the systems that she teaches she still uses everyday. Check her out! Seriously she has totally changed my mindset. I shortened the Url - don't be afraid it's NOT a virus.

Joining This site may be an investment but well worth it! The wealth of knowledge is more than worth it!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Would You Kiss and Tell?

Karrine Steffans. Her name has become synonymous with slurs such as “Whore”, “Snitch”, and “Gold-Digger”. Today I am not going to condone or condemn her chosen lifestyle but to rather start a dialog on whether the old “Don’t Kiss and Tell” still holds true.
From a feminist perspective men have been kissing and telling for years. However there is a double standard here that once a woman does the same she is conducting herself in the most heinous manner possible, and is ridiculed by both her peers and the opposite sex. Is this fair? Well –rude awakening for the guys- women talk! We talk to one another, usually our most trusted friends –our sisters so to speak. But please believe that when there is an encounter that we deem as newsworthy it is most likely going to be shared in one form or another.
I do however understand the backlash that Diary of a Video Vixen caused. They were angry. They were angry that there secrets were out. That the private seedy lie they lead separate from their families was exposed. It was put in print, bound, and sold to millions nationwide. But my question is who is at fault her. My grandmother once said, like many other grandmothers in the black community have said, what is done in the dark comes to the light. So there is not escaping your past people. Once it is done it can not be undone. So why do we despise this woman, who was not married, who was unattached and free, for telling her story. For exposing her past and profiting from that we are completely shocked and appalled –yet her book sold MILLIONS of copies so despite how enraged we may be, we still bought into the machine.
Aside from Karrine there has been countless tell a books, describing sexual tryst and intimate encounters with numerous celebrities. However, these books stand out because they expose the dark under belly of Hip Hop. In the Black Community, there are few things one can be called that are worse than a single 6 letter word – Snitch. So in a way that is what she did according to the culture of hip-hop. But as a woman I can tell you I have had several guys profess their conquest over me, some accurate, some a complete and total fabrication – yet this is not considered snitching. Perhaps because I am a woman, perhaps because I do not hold a definite social standing in the community. However if the role was reversed I wonder what the outcome would be. Would there be an outcry if I slept with a married man and wrote a blog about it? Would I lose everything I stand for, or would I be like a man and poke my chest out and pat myself on the back for a job well done.
I’m curious what you all think about this topic. Share your comments below –the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Using Media to Inspire Romance

Keeping the fires burning in a relationship can be difficult. Sometimes what started out as a blazing inferno can all but fizzle out completely. As women it is our very nature to place others needs before our own. Passion Parties believes that every woman has an inner diva. We pride ourselves in teaching women tips, techniques, and tricks, through tastefully done home parties, to utilize in their own relationship to fully empower them in the bedroom.
When it comes to spicing it up in the bedroom inspiration can come in many forms. We get inspiration from books, such as the Passion Parties Guide to Great Sex, Complete Guide to Sexual Positions, or the widely popular Sadie Allison Books series. But we also gain inspiration from media- books, television shows, and movies.
True Blood is an amazing series on HBO. The love affair between Sookie and Bill is a powerfully passionate one. They have given us ideas on taking lovemaking out of the bedroom and pretty much doing it any and everywhere – I do not however recommend you bury your partner alive, have him claw his way out just so that you can make love in a cemetery though. Sookie and Bill have given us new positions to try as well. There is even a scene in Season 3 of the Character Eric and his new dancer involving restraints. This can be humanly done by use of the Love Swing!
Another HBO Show Hung- the story of a male prostitute can give you ideas to utilize on role reversal. Where the woman is in charge and the man has to do any and everything she says. How fun! It also brings to mention my absolute favorite type of role playing the Prostitute game. Basically you get dressed up for a night of “work” as a lady of the evening and your partner has to pick you up. Now to be safe please don’t stand out on the street corner as you may be mistaken for the real thing and be arrested.
One of my customers- we’ll just called her Susan, who lives in Orlando, FL sent me this note
- I get ideas from everywhere! Sometimes I’ll see something on TV and have to try it out! Like on Keeping up with the Kardashians – Khloe’s New husband Lamar was going to be on the road playing for the Lakers for a while a Khloe attempted to make him a hot little DVD to watch and think of her. That’s incredibly sexy!

Go out there and let inspiration hit you!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Hot Summer Nights

August is “Romance Awareness Month.” It’s also one of the hottest, most humid times
of the year. What’s a Passion Diva to do?! Get creative! Read on for some amorous ways to cool-off while heating up the romance.

Slip ‘n Slide on the Slip ‘n Slide
Double up on the slip ‘n slide fun with two favorites by the same name. Slip ‘n Slide
lubricant is perfect for water foreplay. Rub a bit on, and then drag your lover to the classic Slip ‘n Slide (yes, the one you slid on as a kid). Fool around… slipping and sliding.
(Beware of knee burns and nosy neighbors). Don’t forget to apply more lubrication when you’re ready to take it to the bedroom.

Sensory Ice Massage
Freeze your set of Ben-Wa Balls or Pleasure Pearls. Then, roll them around your
partner’s back for an incredibly refreshing and pleasurable massage. Don’t forget to apply your Passion Massage Lotion, after sticking it in the fridge for an hour or two. For a solo experience, use your cooled kegel exercisers for an invigorating PC muscle work-out.

Summer Peep Show
For the ultimate cool down (and hot tease), give your lover a summer blockbuster he or she will never forget—A Wet T-shirt Striptease. The big finale? You… au natural!

Make his or her wildest fantasy-come-true by using the Private Dancer Pole Kit to show-off your moves.

Frisky Fridge Foreplay
Refrigerate a few of your favorite flavored treats, like Mint Tasty Tease, Watermelon
Fireworks and Edible Body Pens. Later, invite your lover to fool around in front of the
open refrigerator. Take out the treats, and incorporate a little whip cream and chocolate syrup if you’d like (do not spill into your private areas). Finger paint your partner before licking it off.

Cleanliness is Sexiness
This is ideal before or after sex. Dim the lights, and turn on soft, romantic music. Run the shower, setting it at a temperature between cool to lukewarm. Step inside. Let the water run down your bodies. Share a long, passionate kiss. Lather up with Green Tea RomantaTherapy® Luxurious Bath & Shower Gel, and massage one another from
head to toe. Try one of the shower recipes on page 188 and 189 of “The Passion Parties
Guide to Great Sex.”

Chilled Sheets
Stuff your freshly cleaned sheets and Inflatable Passion Pillow into a bag and place in the refrigerator. Let them chill for about two to three hours. Place on bed. Next, remove all clothing and grab your Dirty Dice. Jump in bed and follow the instructions on the dice.

All month I'll be giving you new tips, tricks, and ttechniques to enhance the romance! Stick with us!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Back to School Blow Out Sale

Now that the back-to-school shopping is done, it's time to focus on you. Tired of the stress from everyday life? Are you looking for something FUN to do to unwind from the anxiety of back-to-school shopping? Why not have a Passion Party & buy a little something for yourself!
Passion Parties are fun & professional in-home parties that entertain & educate in a tasteful manner! An alternative to embarrassing adult store shopping, we have a wide variety of products ranging from bath & body to adult novelties. There is something for everyone & all ordering is confidential!
For women & couples 18 years & older.
Great hostess rewards & outstanding business opportunity!
Call & book your party today!
Erica Ardali
(317) 459-6945
Back to School Blow-Out Sale!!!

This Sale is FULL to the brim with Must Have Items!

Ultimate Night of Passion -3 of Our Best Sellers - We Vibe, Pure Satisfaction, G-Spot Cream $149
Pure Passion - Pure Satisfaction Unisex Enhancement Gel & Pure Instinct Roll On $45

Creamy Massage Set - Green Tea or Plumeria scented NEW Creamy Massage Oil with Amazing Hot Massager $25

Sensual Massage Set Sensual Massage Oil with Octopus Massager - $20

Gigi Delight - Gigi & Warming Lubricant 43.50

Mimi's Delight – Mimi & Warming Lubricant 40.00

Hugs & Kisses with Cremesicle - New Hugs & Kisses massagers with choice of Strawberry, Orange, or Vanilla Cremesicle $21

Fire & Dice - Fireworks with Dirty Dice 15.00

Slippery Blossom - Blossom Bliss with Ultra Glide 1 oz 27.50

Pink Collection - Pink Butterfly Toy box, Bunny Bliss, Pink Bullet, Hugs & Kisses, and Strawberry Embrace $96

Flavor of Love –$47.00 - Progressor & Embrace (any flavor)

Playful Collection I - $32.00 - Velvet Curve, 52 Passion Positions, free 1oz Ultra Glide Gel

Playful Collection II - $24.00 - Bullet, 52 Naughty IOU's, 1oz Revelation

Cupid's Fantasy Collection - $45 - Jelly Osaki, Passion Parties Toy Cleanser (concentrated version), and Tempting Trio travel lube set

Passion Play with Feather Snapper 28.50 - Passion Play, Feather Snapper

Striptease DVD with Jewels - $28 - Striptease DVD, any color of Jewels
G-String Divas – Dance Pole, and Jewels -$135
Me Tarzan You Jane – Love Swing and Passion Positions - $125.50
Fantasy Baby- Wave Body Stocking, Ride ‘em Cowgirl, Passion Adventure Kit, 52 Passion Positions, Sex the card Game – 75
A lift up – Passion Pillow & 21 Passion Positions -$85
He's a Man! – Gigi, Tickle his pickle, Stay Hard - $45
Backdoor Intrigue – Topical Eaze, Playful Plug - $20.50
Ultimate Satisfaction – Ultimate Indulgence & Pure Satisfaction - $150
No Gamble Here! – Monte Carlo, Rendezvous, Clean and Simple Toy Cleaner – $85
Rippling Rabbit, Ultra Glide, Clean and Simple toy cleaner, $115.50
Pure Bliss- Pure Satisfaction and Blossom Bliss -$46
RomantaTherapy G-Spot Celebration – G-Spot Crème and Velvet Curve - $53.50
Rejuvenation-Brown Sugar Body Scrub and Love Smitten - $25
Sensual Temptation Tasty Temptation Candle & Octopus Massager- $25
D'Lickious Duo- D'Lickious and Magic Rings $20
Pure Gold Set- Gold Bullet, Pure Instinct Roll On & Revelation - $40
Deluxe Fantasy Collection- Jelly Osaki, Revelations, and tickling trio- $42.38
Pure Awakening – Pure Satisfaction Gel and Bullet Massager $45
Sea of Vibrations – Tap n- Go Bullet & Revelations Travel Size $32
Fantasy Collection 1 – Aqua Bunny , Glo dice, Pear Embrace - $45
Fantasy Collection 2 – Aqua Osaki, Strawberry Embrace, Magic Rings - $50
Playful Moments – Flutterby, Clean & Simple, Revelations TS - $35
Sensual Instincts – Gold Dust, Pure Instinct, Body Tape - $30
Animal Adventures set – Passion Adventure Set, & Jewels $25
Dazzling Duo- Glitter Body Gel, Pure Instinct Roll On - $25

Contact - Erica Ardali to Order

Passion Parties by Erica
317-459-6945 317-459-6945

Thursday, August 5, 2010

My Quest for Silver Star

Every direct sales company has a contest, promotion, or other avenue to pump up the consultants and beef up sales. As an Independent Passion Consultant with Passion Parties my company is offering the Silver Star contest. And man do I want it! Let me explain: I have never been competetive a day in my life up until now. I have never wanted anything so badly before. Basically the winner of Silver star is showered with gifts and treated like royalty. She gets a tiara, spa treatments, a gown, and various other perks. SO I'm like cool. That sounds nice. Until I learned that this year the Silverr Star contest is running in conjunction with a all expense paid trip to the Dominican Republic. I thought to my "Heck Yeah"! I want this!! So here is the skinny on how this is supposed to work.
I sell roughly $6000 a month in Passion Parties Merchandise
I introduce 2 new Divas to the Passion Parties Business a month

I get stage recognition and a shot at Silver Star + a FREE vacation! I have never in my life been outside the US before! Ok so I'll be filling you guys in every week on my progress.

So here is where you come in. I am willing to come to your place, salon, bar, business etc and through a great party for you and your friends/clients. I believe in spoiling my hostesses rotten so expect lots of free products! Catalog and online parties also available upon request. Contact me today and I'll get you all set up.

Erica Ardali
Passion Parties Team Leader

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My Life as a Passion Diva

Diva. What does this word mean? The Webster Dictionary states that the word Diva is a literal translation of the Latin word Divus which mean goddess. It is also a word to describe a singer, fashion personality etc. But today the word means all things glamorous. Every woman has an inner diva and Passion Parties wants to help you set her free! I always recommend the liberation of your inner diva!
Now the Singer Beyonce educated us on her last CD "I am Sasha Fierce" that a "Diva is the female version of hustla!" Now while this term has been overused in realation to criminal activities the term Hustla or hustler, depending on where you live, is the epitome of the entrepreneur. It means living, eating, breathing your business. However, being a Passion Diva is so much easier! Our parties are fun and educational and women LOVE our Products!!
I have been involved in Passion Parties for almost a year now and I can tell you from my personal experience that this business is life altering. I have been empowered by Passion Parties. I run my own business and I'm able to spend quality time with my kids and my husband while earning a good income!
My Story: I hated my job! I worked in an office with tons of awful policies and procedures and whose workplace politics literally drained me of all energy. I went home completely spent just from the sheer stress and horrible vibes that radiated from that place. I knew I wanted to build a business of my own but no idea how to get started or what type of business I wanted.
A very good friend of mine invited me to a Passion Party. I was game! I need a Girls Night Out like you wouldn't believe! While at the party I watched the consultant and realized I can do that! It's not to hard. I decided that night that I was going to sell Passion Parties.
2 Weeks later I got my kit. 2 Weeks after that I was qualified. And I have never looked back! Passion Parties has given me a sense of overwhelming joy! I am signing my own checks and loving every single minute of it. I have seen this business change lives. I have seen shy girls become out going divas. I have seen abused women gain the inner strength financial means to leave their abuser. I have seen girls pay their way through college all through Passion Parties. I a currently growing my Passion Parties team and would love to help you reach your goals? What is it that you want out of life? Where do you want to be in 5 years? Passion Parties can help you get there!

Start earning 40% and more today, Have everything you need to start your own Passion Party business for as little as $179…
Your own hours, Your own $$$$, Your own home, Your own car, Your own goal’s.
Money a little tight? Contact me today for more information on ways to get a discount on the purchase price of your starter kit!
Erica Ardali
Team Leader for Passion Parties

Monday, August 2, 2010

Swing into Passion

So you want to take your love making to new heights? Then the Love Swing is for you! You and your partner will be able to experience lovemaking like never before!

The Love Swing is a sturdy, heavy-duty yet flexible swing with comfortable, fully adjustable, padded seat and butt supports. The soft, padded stirrups and fully adjustable nylon straps allow for maximum comfort and the ability to explore sexual positions that defy gravity.
The Love Swing is easy to install and also quick to remove. The Love Swing comes with complete instructions for installation as well as use, and all required hardware is included.
• Endless possibilities for intercourse positions with Love Swing
• Elastic spring energy means faster and deeper penetration
• Adjustable straps provide different angles of entry
• Adds versatility. Oral sex will never be the same with the Love Swing!
• Select different and more comfortable positions for less fatigue
• Hands-free fun & freedom of movement with the Love Swing
• 200 lbs. with spring, 400 lbs. without spring

Sex Positions Using the Love Swing

Using a Sex Swing the possibilities for creative Sex Positions greatly expands. Sex Swings offer 100's of combinations for new sexual positions. Swing offer fully adjustable sex harnesses for a swinging good time! Padded for comfort, the spinning sex swing can support you and your lover. They arrive fully assembled with the hanging hardware included. They are easy to Set-Up and to Take Down!

• Easily "swing" your partner to the next sex position while maintaining the mood
• You imaginations will offer endless possibilities for intercourse sex positions
• Using the Spring supplied with most sex swings gives energy for faster / deeper penetration
• With the man can standing with the woman in the swing, the man can move the woman back and forth in the swing, or move her in other interesting angles, for intercourse. This is a favorite position for many.
• Torque Support Bar™ to hold on to allows you greater leverage during sex
• Adjustable straps give you different angles of entry
• The man can sit in a chair with the woman in the swing over him, her legs spread apart or together. The woman can be facing away from the man or toward him.
• More comfortable sex positions with the Love Swing offer both of you less fatigue and back strain. This allows for more comfort and longer love making sessions.
• Hands-free sexual positions provides an entirely new realm of touch and caressing sensations during sex
• Attach the swing over the bed. Have the man lay down on the bed, bounce the woman up and down in the swing using the bungee spring.
• With the man laying down and the woman suspended in the swing over him, spin the woman in the swing 360º
• A woman can be suspended face down in the swing for "doggy style" entry or anal entry. (Also, male anal entry.)

• Swing allows you to move your partner around effortlessly during oral sex
• Weightless freedom and suspended access to your lover allows a great variety of sex positions for the oral giver to use your tongue, lips, hands and mouth in new exciting ways
• Choose positions to eliminate strain on neck and back. Oral giver kneeling on floor or bed with oral receiving partner suspended in swing.
• Incorporate spring-loaded "energy" to oral sex. Use the bungee spring to give motion to oral sex or to bounce your partner up and down while giving oral.
• With the man in the swing, the woman giving oral sex can move the man by pulling and pushing him back and forth into her mouth with very little effort.
• Weightless "69" oral sex. One partner lays on the bed one direction, the other partner suspended in the swing faces the other; both of you face each others genital area.

• Masturbation fun with the Love Swing - foot stirrups keep legs apart effortlessly
• Love Swing spring allows you to bounce on insert able toys
• Relaxing positions as you swing
• Attach a dildo or vibrator with a suction cup to the wall. Suspended in the swing, push your feet off the wall with the toy inserted.

Passion Parties by Erica - 317-459-6945
Check me out on facebook at http:www//