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Thursday, August 5, 2010

My Quest for Silver Star

Every direct sales company has a contest, promotion, or other avenue to pump up the consultants and beef up sales. As an Independent Passion Consultant with Passion Parties my company is offering the Silver Star contest. And man do I want it! Let me explain: I have never been competetive a day in my life up until now. I have never wanted anything so badly before. Basically the winner of Silver star is showered with gifts and treated like royalty. She gets a tiara, spa treatments, a gown, and various other perks. SO I'm like cool. That sounds nice. Until I learned that this year the Silverr Star contest is running in conjunction with a all expense paid trip to the Dominican Republic. I thought to my "Heck Yeah"! I want this!! So here is the skinny on how this is supposed to work.
I sell roughly $6000 a month in Passion Parties Merchandise
I introduce 2 new Divas to the Passion Parties Business a month

I get stage recognition and a shot at Silver Star + a FREE vacation! I have never in my life been outside the US before! Ok so I'll be filling you guys in every week on my progress.

So here is where you come in. I am willing to come to your place, salon, bar, business etc and through a great party for you and your friends/clients. I believe in spoiling my hostesses rotten so expect lots of free products! Catalog and online parties also available upon request. Contact me today and I'll get you all set up.

Erica Ardali
Passion Parties Team Leader

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