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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bullets- Starter Toy or Standard Issue?

Welcome to toy Week! This Week we are going to celebrate adult toys by highlighting different types of toys. Today is all about the bullet! We will discuss many different types of Bullets that Passion Parties by Erica offers and how you can introduce them into your bedroom activities.
Often referred to as a starter toy, the Bullet Massager comes in many shapes and forms. The main purpose of the Bullet is to provide clitoral stimulation for women. These toys appeals to over 75% of women who require clitoral stimulation to elevate levels of pleasure to the point of orgasm. The Bullet is definitely a staple in any woman’s toy box.
The standard Bullet Massager offers low effort high impact orgasms. It is cost affective for the diva on a budget but does lack some practical functions. There is a chance for the wire to be yanked from the unit during an orgasmic frenzy. Use this toy to break in your spouse who might be reluctant to bringing adult toys in to the bedroom.
The next upgraded model is the Pretty in Pink Bullet. Not only is this toy powerful, with four different speeds to choose from, but it is visually appealing. Pink with an iridescent finish, ladies love it! This model does allow for the cord to come unplugged so yanking on the unit is no longer an issue. Also there is an optional Pineapple Attachment that features nubby bumps for extra textile stimulation. The controller of this toy is practical and easy to use, so there is not fumbling with dials while you are attempting to be intimate with your partner.
Pure Gold. The name says it all. This toy offers the best of both worlds, beauty and brawn. It features a gold finish and is adorned with a circle of rhinestones. Every diva likes a little bling! The toy feature 3 speeds and has pinpoint accuracy and is waterproof. Bonus! Water Play! Unlike many bullet toys this one actual resembles it’s namesake in shape.
The funniest new novelty in the bullet category would be the new Tongue Tickler. This toy is designed to enhance female pleasure during oral play. The Tongue Tickler is actually tongue shaped and has a soft tongue strap and is designed to be worn on your lovers tongue! This toy is very low in cost as it only offers a 40 minute life span.
The Blossom Bliss – a flower that will seriously make you bloom! This toy is waterproof; I actually keep mine in the shower and well, let’s say that those herbal essences commercials are a reality for me. I invite you to take this toy in the bathroom and some extra spice to your kinky shower sessions.
The New Rockin’ Rabbit. A bullet unlike any other Passion Parties by Erica offers! The toy is designed to inserted. The average bullet type toy is meant for clitoral stimulation only. It feature rabbit ears for clitoral stimulation while waves of vibrations send you rockin’!
These toys are both a practical starting point in your adult toy odyssey and a welcome addition to the already established romance tool kit. Again like always I invite you to play with your partner. While solo play can be enticing and a great way to beat the lonelies when they sneak up on you, butt couples play can be immensely gratifying for both parties. Communication is key in toy play. Tell him what you like, what feels good and what doesn’t. The effects can be mind shattering!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Spicing it up!
One constant complaint I get from my customers is that they seem to have lost that old spark. Now for most people this is very common. We all go through a dry spell now and again.
Techniques very by couple. I am going to list some things to try.
Take your love making from day to night. Increase excitement by sending text messages or emails to your lover. If dirty talk is foreign to you try our Texxt message cards for ideas.
Slow things down. Like I've said before it takes a good 20 minutes for a woman to become highly aroused. Give her a sensual massage. Not only does it get her to height of arousal, it relaxes her completely, which increases her chances of reaching a vaginal or G-Spot orgasm.
Introduce adult toys. This can be anything from a bullet to a deluxe vibrator. Not only do toys loosen her up and really get her juices flowing the act of using a toy on her can be very visually appealing to men.
Introduce edible creams and lotions into your bedroom tool kit. Not only are they pretty tasty they promote touch and play. This can increase anticipation of the main event. Last tip of the day imagine the possibilities. Explore each other, play together, communicate to each other what you want and desire. Make time for lovemaking. We live in a hectic world with tons of obligations. You are also obligated to your lover. Keep it interesting and the rewards will blow you away. Literally.

Monday, April 19, 2010

The G-Spot: Pleasure Central

The elusive G-spot. Everyone is looking for it. Unfortunately women do not come with a navigational system. Once found it can be the pinnacle of sexual satisfaction in women. There is no force like it. Many women do not believe they have a G-Spot or that the so called experts are correct that it is just a myth. Ladies let me just go on record to say – It is not a myth! Never give up your quest for the G-Spot.
Let’s talk logistics. The G-Spot is an area about 1 ½ inches- 2 inches inside the vagina on the inner wall. Translation: in the front- not deep down- and at the top. It is often missed entirely with intercourse, so for most women reaching the G-Spot is actually a separate encounter all together. There is an emotional connection often associated with reaching G-Spot Orgasm. The more comfortable with and committed a woman is to her partner the easier it will be for her to communicate her likes and dislikes as well to let go and enjoy the ride! Application of the G-Spot Crème offered by Passion Parties is also beneficial. The G-Spot Crème is actually your best friend when exploring the G-Spot. The Crème gives a tingling sensation and greater sensitivity in the G-Spot area.
There is a saying that I’ve talked about before, “Men are microwave, and Women are an oven.” Women need to be allowed to warm up. It is easier to find the G-spot once the woman is already very sexually aroused. This is where foreplay comes in. No fellas, we don’t just want foreplay to prove you care, many of us need it to get to the mind shattering finale. Communication is also a major factor here. Women, we have to be able to communicate to your partners what we want. Most men do not know enough about female anatomy to figure it out. At Passion Parties by Erica we say that every woman has an inner diva. Well Ladies – Let her out! Tell him this is what I want, need, and desire. If the relationship is a two way street he should be receptive.
Before G-spot play a few preparations should be made. The first would be to use the restroom. The sensation preceding a G-Spot Orgasm is the feeling that you have to urinate. So if your bladder is already empty you will know that your orgasm is coming and just let it go. I have talked to many women at almost every single party I have ever done that have actually stopped the whole process to go to the restroom. Don’t stop!
When a woman’s G-Spot is stimulated to the point of orgasm there is a great deal of fluid involved. This is referred to female ejaculation or the common term “squirting” (although it is not a squirt, in my opinion men squirt, women flood). This fluid is clear and sweet smelling and rest assured it is not urine. Now the amount is going to very buy the woman – from a trickle to a quart of liquid. Yes a quart. That being said this is not something you want to get into on your 1000 count Egyptian cotton sheets from your high end department store. There are specials tricks to keep your sheets and bed safe. Take a trash bag, cut it open down the side and spread it on the bed. Then place a big beach towel on top. It might be a good idea to adhere clothespins to the corners to keep it in place. This way the fluid will not soak the entire bed, the towel is easily laundered and the trash bag disposed of.
Sexual Positions are difficult. The G-Spot is normally missed entirely during intercourse. The best position is actually missionary with the woman’s hips elevated and her feet around the man’s shoulders. Now this position is not the most comfortable. For this reason the G-spot is normally found through either finger play or with the addition of G-Spot toys.
The manual or finger method is done by the woman lying flat on her back and the man inserting his fingers into her vagina- remember between 1 ½ to 2 inches in, no more. With his palm up to the ceiling, make the “come hither” motion with your fingers. The G-Spot tends to swell when stimulated. So if you feel a change in the area you know you hit the right spot.
The G-Spot toys – this is for some women a trial and error type of deal. My favorite is the Butterfly Bliss. It is wireless and controller free, activated by utilizing the push button control. All G-Spot toys are curved at the end to reach the G-Spot. Normal vibrators, although fantastic in their own respect, will most likely not stimulate the G-Spot. Experience the pleasure of introducing G-Spot toys into your toy box. Remember guys, toys are an enhancement not a replacement.
Now that you have general knowledge of the G-Spot why are you just sitting there! There is nothing like it. Enjoy your relationship and always push the envelope.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

It's a beautiful spring day! When was the last time you treated your lover to a picnic in the park? Women are sensitive creatures and romantic gestures are a great way to cater to their hearts. Win her heart and everything else falls into place. Think outside the box. Find low cost or free things you can do together . Nothing says I Love You like spending quality time with the woman you love.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Passion Parties by Erica Blog Giveaway!!

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Erica Ardali

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Romance - Where is it?

I remember when I was a little girl and I dreamed of love. I could not wait to be in love. It was my goal there was nothing better than that. No other dram more important than to e loved and cared for. As I grew older I began to realize that there is a significant between fantasy love and the real deal.
It occurred to me what I was calling love was in essence romance. Romance was what I was looking for the entire time.It is a never ending quest as most men do not get what women crave. We crave romance, our brains are hard wired to desire it. You can call it being a gentleman, a real man, or whatever you like. Point is most women want to e treated like a queen and when we do not feel as such we begin to question the foundation of our relationship. "What do I mean to You?" or "Do you love me?" These questions are not asked to annoy you, but rather there is something going on in brains that make us doubt your feeling or truest intentions in the relationship.
Now it goes without saying that every woman is different - what might be romantic to me might not be to the next lady. So I am going to speak from my own heart and invite you to have this conversation with your partner - What is your thought on romance, what is romantic to you. What am I not doing that I could do or what should I increase my efforts in. Remember most women tend to think and react from the heart.
I enjoy my man's attention. Nothing is more special than one on one time. I don't care if it's at home watching a movie, taking a walk in the park as long as I have his undivided attention. Like a lot of women I have my own insecurities and to know that I am the only girl in the world as far as he is concerned is mind blowing, and almost erotic.
Protector Mode- I love a man that can defend me. Not that expect him to fight over me or anything like that, but just the fact that he can if he needed to. I am attracted to power like a lot of ladies out there - e.g. Bill Clinton's Sex Appeal. He's not the most attractive man in the world but he carries a strong sexual energy that makes girls swoon.
Provider Mode- Nothing says I love you more than giving up what you have to lay at the feet of the woman you love. Now one has to be careful of the gold digger, that type of woman is a disgrace in my opinion, but that is not what I mean here. I mean a man who is willing to give everything he has to you so that you don't have to go without something. Me being the independent woman I am I prefer to make my own money but it is very attractive to me when a man wants to give to me. I mean that much to him, that's sexy.
Touching without the intention of having sex. I remember the first time I got a massage from a guy. He laid it all out, oils, candles, the whole nine yards. It was the most sensual, romantic gesture I have ever experienced in my entire life. I was sure that there was something behind it. He wants something. But no, I had a rough day at work and that was his way of melting my stress and showing that he cared. Kudos my man. Mission was accomplished.
Sex- Now when engaging a woman in sex remember this phrase- Men are a microwave, women are an oven- she has got to preheat. Did you know it takes the average woman a good 20 minutes for her brain and body to sync, for her to become fully aroused. Slow it down cowboy! Give her a massage, play with her body, explore every nook and cranny of her, she is a rare gift not to ignored or abused but marveled over. Showing her this type of attention also increases her chances of reaching orgasm.
So these are a few tips according to my own personal point of view. As always I recommend opening up those lines of communication, talk to her, find out what she likes, what she wants, and how you can cater to her mind, body, and heart. Nothing is more romantic than that.