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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Spicing it up!
One constant complaint I get from my customers is that they seem to have lost that old spark. Now for most people this is very common. We all go through a dry spell now and again.
Techniques very by couple. I am going to list some things to try.
Take your love making from day to night. Increase excitement by sending text messages or emails to your lover. If dirty talk is foreign to you try our Texxt message cards for ideas.
Slow things down. Like I've said before it takes a good 20 minutes for a woman to become highly aroused. Give her a sensual massage. Not only does it get her to height of arousal, it relaxes her completely, which increases her chances of reaching a vaginal or G-Spot orgasm.
Introduce adult toys. This can be anything from a bullet to a deluxe vibrator. Not only do toys loosen her up and really get her juices flowing the act of using a toy on her can be very visually appealing to men.
Introduce edible creams and lotions into your bedroom tool kit. Not only are they pretty tasty they promote touch and play. This can increase anticipation of the main event. Last tip of the day imagine the possibilities. Explore each other, play together, communicate to each other what you want and desire. Make time for lovemaking. We live in a hectic world with tons of obligations. You are also obligated to your lover. Keep it interesting and the rewards will blow you away. Literally.

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