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Monday, April 19, 2010

The G-Spot: Pleasure Central

The elusive G-spot. Everyone is looking for it. Unfortunately women do not come with a navigational system. Once found it can be the pinnacle of sexual satisfaction in women. There is no force like it. Many women do not believe they have a G-Spot or that the so called experts are correct that it is just a myth. Ladies let me just go on record to say – It is not a myth! Never give up your quest for the G-Spot.
Let’s talk logistics. The G-Spot is an area about 1 ½ inches- 2 inches inside the vagina on the inner wall. Translation: in the front- not deep down- and at the top. It is often missed entirely with intercourse, so for most women reaching the G-Spot is actually a separate encounter all together. There is an emotional connection often associated with reaching G-Spot Orgasm. The more comfortable with and committed a woman is to her partner the easier it will be for her to communicate her likes and dislikes as well to let go and enjoy the ride! Application of the G-Spot Crème offered by Passion Parties is also beneficial. The G-Spot Crème is actually your best friend when exploring the G-Spot. The Crème gives a tingling sensation and greater sensitivity in the G-Spot area.
There is a saying that I’ve talked about before, “Men are microwave, and Women are an oven.” Women need to be allowed to warm up. It is easier to find the G-spot once the woman is already very sexually aroused. This is where foreplay comes in. No fellas, we don’t just want foreplay to prove you care, many of us need it to get to the mind shattering finale. Communication is also a major factor here. Women, we have to be able to communicate to your partners what we want. Most men do not know enough about female anatomy to figure it out. At Passion Parties by Erica we say that every woman has an inner diva. Well Ladies – Let her out! Tell him this is what I want, need, and desire. If the relationship is a two way street he should be receptive.
Before G-spot play a few preparations should be made. The first would be to use the restroom. The sensation preceding a G-Spot Orgasm is the feeling that you have to urinate. So if your bladder is already empty you will know that your orgasm is coming and just let it go. I have talked to many women at almost every single party I have ever done that have actually stopped the whole process to go to the restroom. Don’t stop!
When a woman’s G-Spot is stimulated to the point of orgasm there is a great deal of fluid involved. This is referred to female ejaculation or the common term “squirting” (although it is not a squirt, in my opinion men squirt, women flood). This fluid is clear and sweet smelling and rest assured it is not urine. Now the amount is going to very buy the woman – from a trickle to a quart of liquid. Yes a quart. That being said this is not something you want to get into on your 1000 count Egyptian cotton sheets from your high end department store. There are specials tricks to keep your sheets and bed safe. Take a trash bag, cut it open down the side and spread it on the bed. Then place a big beach towel on top. It might be a good idea to adhere clothespins to the corners to keep it in place. This way the fluid will not soak the entire bed, the towel is easily laundered and the trash bag disposed of.
Sexual Positions are difficult. The G-Spot is normally missed entirely during intercourse. The best position is actually missionary with the woman’s hips elevated and her feet around the man’s shoulders. Now this position is not the most comfortable. For this reason the G-spot is normally found through either finger play or with the addition of G-Spot toys.
The manual or finger method is done by the woman lying flat on her back and the man inserting his fingers into her vagina- remember between 1 ½ to 2 inches in, no more. With his palm up to the ceiling, make the “come hither” motion with your fingers. The G-Spot tends to swell when stimulated. So if you feel a change in the area you know you hit the right spot.
The G-Spot toys – this is for some women a trial and error type of deal. My favorite is the Butterfly Bliss. It is wireless and controller free, activated by utilizing the push button control. All G-Spot toys are curved at the end to reach the G-Spot. Normal vibrators, although fantastic in their own respect, will most likely not stimulate the G-Spot. Experience the pleasure of introducing G-Spot toys into your toy box. Remember guys, toys are an enhancement not a replacement.
Now that you have general knowledge of the G-Spot why are you just sitting there! There is nothing like it. Enjoy your relationship and always push the envelope.

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