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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Water Play

Waterproof toys are stimulating, relaxing and enjoyable during solo play or as an enhancement to partner sex… in or out of water. Enjoy in the bedroom, shower, bathtub, hot tub, or if you really feel adventurous — some can even be used in
the ocean. Now is the perfect time to add some of Passion Parties’ waterproof toys to your collection. This guide shows you which products to buy, where
to use them and how to take care of them.
Got Lube?
As with any passion toy, the first essential to playtime is lubricant. Most lubricants are water-based and watersoluble; meaning they are designed to wash away with water for easy clean up. That’s why Slip ‘n Slide is perfect for water play. This 100% silicone lubricant won’t wash away when you need it the most and
will keep its consistency much better than water-based lubes in the shower or hot tub.
Shower Fun!
In general, showers are relaxing; but they can also be quite exciting when you add your partner and a vibrating toy. Try this technique — vary the water temperature to
find the combination that is the most exhilarating for you and your partner, like hot, then cold, and back to hot again, or any combination you can come up with. Enjoy exploring the way the vibrations feel on different parts of your bodies in relation to the temperature of the water.
Bath Fun
The opportunities are endless for bath time fun, especially if you have a tub big enough for two. Soak in a hot bath and let your toys help you relax – the waterproof Mini Bullet or Ocean Mate can be used anywhere you want some attention. Water carries the sound of vibrations — something to keep in mind if you have roommates or house guests.
Hot Tub or Pool Bliss
Some toys fare better than others in the hot tub or swimming pool due to the chemicals used to keep the water clean and bacteria free. The best type of toys for the pool or hot tub are those made from hard plastic. — jelly and FutureFlesh™ toys may not last as long in chlorine-treated water. Keep these toys for the bathtub or shower.
Ocean Fun
To preserve the life of your toy, follow the care follow the care of waterproof toy
section at the end of this article. The sea’s natural saltiness may erode some toy materials if not properly maintained so it’s extra important to thoroughly clean and dry your toys after frolicking in the waves. Also, the ocean is constantly moving — hold on tight so your toy doesn’t get away from you!
Care of Waterproof Toys
• Prior to each use, turn the toy on and hold under running water for at least 30 seconds to a minute. This checks the toy for battery pack defects — better to
find out in the bathroom sink than in the bath or shower.
• Always clean your toys after each use with Clean & Simple™ Adult Toy Cleanser Spray or Wipes. For non-battery operated toys, you can create a bath
for your toys using Passion Parties Toy Cleanser Concentrate. Fully dry your toys with a lint-free cloth before storage.
• Store batteries separate from the toy — they’ll last much longer this way.

Other Waterproof Toys offered by Passion Parties:
• RT Velvet Pleasure
• Aqua Bunny
• Turtle Frenzy
• Lil' Thumper
• Loving Spoon
• Pure Gold
• Blossom Bliss
• Delightful Duo
• Monte Carlo
• Glow Boy
• Nubby G Aqua
• Plush Bendy
• Pleasure Symphony
• Flutterby
• True Love
• Aqua Osaki
• Butterfly Bliss
• Bunny Bliss
• Pleasure Wave
See the Let’s Play catalog or shop online at for the complete selection of passion toys and accessories.

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