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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Back to School Blow Out Sale

Now that the back-to-school shopping is done, it's time to focus on you. Tired of the stress from everyday life? Are you looking for something FUN to do to unwind from the anxiety of back-to-school shopping? Why not have a Passion Party & buy a little something for yourself!
Passion Parties are fun & professional in-home parties that entertain & educate in a tasteful manner! An alternative to embarrassing adult store shopping, we have a wide variety of products ranging from bath & body to adult novelties. There is something for everyone & all ordering is confidential!
For women & couples 18 years & older.
Great hostess rewards & outstanding business opportunity!
Call & book your party today!
Erica Ardali
(317) 459-6945
Back to School Blow-Out Sale!!!

This Sale is FULL to the brim with Must Have Items!

Ultimate Night of Passion -3 of Our Best Sellers - We Vibe, Pure Satisfaction, G-Spot Cream $149
Pure Passion - Pure Satisfaction Unisex Enhancement Gel & Pure Instinct Roll On $45

Creamy Massage Set - Green Tea or Plumeria scented NEW Creamy Massage Oil with Amazing Hot Massager $25

Sensual Massage Set Sensual Massage Oil with Octopus Massager - $20

Gigi Delight - Gigi & Warming Lubricant 43.50

Mimi's Delight – Mimi & Warming Lubricant 40.00

Hugs & Kisses with Cremesicle - New Hugs & Kisses massagers with choice of Strawberry, Orange, or Vanilla Cremesicle $21

Fire & Dice - Fireworks with Dirty Dice 15.00

Slippery Blossom - Blossom Bliss with Ultra Glide 1 oz 27.50

Pink Collection - Pink Butterfly Toy box, Bunny Bliss, Pink Bullet, Hugs & Kisses, and Strawberry Embrace $96

Flavor of Love –$47.00 - Progressor & Embrace (any flavor)

Playful Collection I - $32.00 - Velvet Curve, 52 Passion Positions, free 1oz Ultra Glide Gel

Playful Collection II - $24.00 - Bullet, 52 Naughty IOU's, 1oz Revelation

Cupid's Fantasy Collection - $45 - Jelly Osaki, Passion Parties Toy Cleanser (concentrated version), and Tempting Trio travel lube set

Passion Play with Feather Snapper 28.50 - Passion Play, Feather Snapper

Striptease DVD with Jewels - $28 - Striptease DVD, any color of Jewels
G-String Divas – Dance Pole, and Jewels -$135
Me Tarzan You Jane – Love Swing and Passion Positions - $125.50
Fantasy Baby- Wave Body Stocking, Ride ‘em Cowgirl, Passion Adventure Kit, 52 Passion Positions, Sex the card Game – 75
A lift up – Passion Pillow & 21 Passion Positions -$85
He's a Man! – Gigi, Tickle his pickle, Stay Hard - $45
Backdoor Intrigue – Topical Eaze, Playful Plug - $20.50
Ultimate Satisfaction – Ultimate Indulgence & Pure Satisfaction - $150
No Gamble Here! – Monte Carlo, Rendezvous, Clean and Simple Toy Cleaner – $85
Rippling Rabbit, Ultra Glide, Clean and Simple toy cleaner, $115.50
Pure Bliss- Pure Satisfaction and Blossom Bliss -$46
RomantaTherapy G-Spot Celebration РG-Spot Cr̬me and Velvet Curve - $53.50
Rejuvenation-Brown Sugar Body Scrub and Love Smitten - $25
Sensual Temptation Tasty Temptation Candle & Octopus Massager- $25
D'Lickious Duo- D'Lickious and Magic Rings $20
Pure Gold Set- Gold Bullet, Pure Instinct Roll On & Revelation - $40
Deluxe Fantasy Collection- Jelly Osaki, Revelations, and tickling trio- $42.38
Pure Awakening – Pure Satisfaction Gel and Bullet Massager $45
Sea of Vibrations – Tap n- Go Bullet & Revelations Travel Size $32
Fantasy Collection 1 – Aqua Bunny , Glo dice, Pear Embrace - $45
Fantasy Collection 2 – Aqua Osaki, Strawberry Embrace, Magic Rings - $50
Playful Moments – Flutterby, Clean & Simple, Revelations TS - $35
Sensual Instincts – Gold Dust, Pure Instinct, Body Tape - $30
Animal Adventures set – Passion Adventure Set, & Jewels $25
Dazzling Duo- Glitter Body Gel, Pure Instinct Roll On - $25

Contact - Erica Ardali to Order

Passion Parties by Erica
317-459-6945 317-459-6945


  1. Very fine opportunity.this is very useful for someone who is not very internet savvy, and uses the internet once in a while.This actually means a lot for them.


  2. Most of my business is conducted through Home Parties. It is a great opportunity to ask questions, see the products first hand - all while catching up with your friends and sharing an experience together. Thanks for the comment! :)