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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bullets- Starter Toy or Standard Issue?

Welcome to toy Week! This Week we are going to celebrate adult toys by highlighting different types of toys. Today is all about the bullet! We will discuss many different types of Bullets that Passion Parties by Erica offers and how you can introduce them into your bedroom activities.
Often referred to as a starter toy, the Bullet Massager comes in many shapes and forms. The main purpose of the Bullet is to provide clitoral stimulation for women. These toys appeals to over 75% of women who require clitoral stimulation to elevate levels of pleasure to the point of orgasm. The Bullet is definitely a staple in any woman’s toy box.
The standard Bullet Massager offers low effort high impact orgasms. It is cost affective for the diva on a budget but does lack some practical functions. There is a chance for the wire to be yanked from the unit during an orgasmic frenzy. Use this toy to break in your spouse who might be reluctant to bringing adult toys in to the bedroom.
The next upgraded model is the Pretty in Pink Bullet. Not only is this toy powerful, with four different speeds to choose from, but it is visually appealing. Pink with an iridescent finish, ladies love it! This model does allow for the cord to come unplugged so yanking on the unit is no longer an issue. Also there is an optional Pineapple Attachment that features nubby bumps for extra textile stimulation. The controller of this toy is practical and easy to use, so there is not fumbling with dials while you are attempting to be intimate with your partner.
Pure Gold. The name says it all. This toy offers the best of both worlds, beauty and brawn. It features a gold finish and is adorned with a circle of rhinestones. Every diva likes a little bling! The toy feature 3 speeds and has pinpoint accuracy and is waterproof. Bonus! Water Play! Unlike many bullet toys this one actual resembles it’s namesake in shape.
The funniest new novelty in the bullet category would be the new Tongue Tickler. This toy is designed to enhance female pleasure during oral play. The Tongue Tickler is actually tongue shaped and has a soft tongue strap and is designed to be worn on your lovers tongue! This toy is very low in cost as it only offers a 40 minute life span.
The Blossom Bliss – a flower that will seriously make you bloom! This toy is waterproof; I actually keep mine in the shower and well, let’s say that those herbal essences commercials are a reality for me. I invite you to take this toy in the bathroom and some extra spice to your kinky shower sessions.
The New Rockin’ Rabbit. A bullet unlike any other Passion Parties by Erica offers! The toy is designed to inserted. The average bullet type toy is meant for clitoral stimulation only. It feature rabbit ears for clitoral stimulation while waves of vibrations send you rockin’!
These toys are both a practical starting point in your adult toy odyssey and a welcome addition to the already established romance tool kit. Again like always I invite you to play with your partner. While solo play can be enticing and a great way to beat the lonelies when they sneak up on you, butt couples play can be immensely gratifying for both parties. Communication is key in toy play. Tell him what you like, what feels good and what doesn’t. The effects can be mind shattering!


  1. nice post..and very well written.i must check out this sex toy as i am planning to gift it to my gf..

  2. Very ideative.There are many different types of adult toys available, so you and your partner are sure to find something that suits you both.