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Thursday, May 13, 2010

What to Expect from your Home Party Experience

Hosting a home party can be a great way to get the girls together! You can catch up with old friends, make new ones, laugh and play games, all while shopping for some great products you can’t get anywhere else. Whether you’re working with a skin care consultant or a romance party consultant it is imperative that the hostess and the consultant are in agreement on basic expectations to insure a successful party experience.
It important that the hostess understand that she is the business partner of the consultant until her show has closed. The consultant trades free and discounted products in exchange for a time and place to sell her merchandise. The amount of free and discounted product she receives is determined by how much is sold at the party as well as bonuses for outside orders, party bookings, and consultant leads. The consultant’s livelihood depends on the hostess keeping her word that she will have X amount of people gathered to not only have a good time but make purchases from her. When booking any home party, read your hostess packet carefully in order to get a clear understanding of what you are expected to do as a hostess. In my home party business with Passion Parties I require my hostesses to provide me with a table, have 10 divas in attendance, 5 outside orders, and 2 party bookings. If this is done before the party it almost always guaranteed to be a successful show! In my business I require a guest list with, names addresses, and telephone numbers. These are used to mail out invitations, and offer reminder calls – in this busy world most people need a reminder!
As you hostess you have just as much of a right to have clear expectations of the consultant you are working with. The consultant must be excited about your show and put in a lot of effort to help you plan your party. This includes but is not limited to, offerings specials to your guests, mailing out invitations to your guest, completing reminder calls and providing you with an unforgettable party experience. The hostess can expect that the home party will be entertaining. There is a ratio at play – The home party experience should be 70% party and 30% products. This is not merely a sales presentation. This is a chance for you to reconnect with your friends and family while enjoying some of your favorite products. The consultant should take into account that the hostess has worked hard on her end to insure the success of her show, and earn the maximum free and discount product available given the party plan companies hostess compensation plan.
The guidelines and expectations will very by individual consultant and party plan company. It is essential that there is a clear understanding of what the expectations are early in the business arrangement. I recommend a face to face hostess coaching appointment so there are no misunderstandings and everyone is on the same page. The rewards of a successful show are clearly seen on the faces of your guests as they are going to truly enjoy this experience.

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