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Monday, May 24, 2010

National Masturbation Month

May in National Masturbation Month. Seriously, I didn’t just make that up. Masturbation is a taboo subject. It is considered to be a dirty thing. More often than not most women are still uncomfortable with talking about the subject of self-pleasure.
Masturbation is a private affair one has all by themselves. More men masturbate than women. It is a combination of the physical act of self-pleasure and the mental act developing and utilizing sexual fantasies. It is said to b impossible to reach a point of ecstasy while masturbating without the use off sexual fantasies. It is a perfectly normal to masturbate as well as extremely helpful to pleasure oneself.
Males may begin to masturbate at a very early age. This act take a turn around age 12 years old. At the onset of puberty they can ejaculate and the pleasure is magnified. Little Girls are more reluctant to masturbate than their male counterparts. It is often not until their late teens that they are able to masturbate and know what they are doing.
There is a double standard to masturbation, as with many other things. The phrase “Nice Girls Don’t Do That!” Comes into play again. Women who do are often shunned, or thought of as freaks, the town tramp. In reality most women reach their very first orgasm all alone. Bonus: women who masturbate are more likely to reach orgasm with their partner. This is because she knows her body. She knows what she likes. She can express her wishes to her lover, letting him know that where to touch her, what to do.
Men masturbate one way, Manual Stimulation. Women however have endless possibilities. There is of course is manual stimulation, but women also can use adult toys, showerheads, Jacuzzi spout, pillows….. The list goes on and on. I invite you to explore your body and develop your own sexual fantasies. Happy Touching!

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