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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sex Toys 101

Sex Toys. Sex toys can add to the fun & excitement of bedroom play. They offer a wide spectrum of possibilities. As your resident SEXpert I love sex toys! However I am aware not that everyone else is as devoted to the topic of sex toys. Some Men feel very threatened by sex toys. They often feel as if they are being replaced by a battery operated every ready penis. Others fear that their partner will become addicted to the toy, that she is more orgasmic with the toy than she is with him. A smart woman will educate her partner on what she likes, what she gets out of the toy, what it is that she likes, the sensations she adores. It is also helpful to incorporate the toys into your lovemaking, doing this will help to ease his discomfort with the topic of toys. If your partner feels any level of apprehension towards sex toys it is wise to begin your exploration with toys, start small and quiet. Bullet type toys are best for beginners. They provide ample stimulation and various levels of vibration. Bullets are sure to help you reach the climax you seek.
The history of sex toys is a lengthy one. Sex Toys have been unearthed in Pharaoh’s tombs, as well as in both Incan and Indian civilizations. They have been around for ages however not widely accepted in most societies. Again – “Nice Girls Don’t Do That!” There is a parallel however, not every culture from around the globe believes that the use of sex toys is normal or acceptable. It is important to know your partners cultural, personal. And religious views on the use of toys before introducing them into your bedroom activities.
Today many toys are made in Japan or China and feature both vaginal and clitoral stimulation, are made of silicone and have varied speeds, and other functions. When shopping for toys there are a few things one must consider- where it can be used, is waterproof, what type of cleanser is required, what is the power supply- does it require batteries- if so what type? Is it rechargeable, a what type of storage is required Knowing this will enable you to make an informed decision on your purchase and help you to protect your investment.
At Passion Parties we have 4 main categories of toys. Bullets, Passion Toys, Deluxe Toys, and G-Spot Toys. All toys are not created equal. I can not tell you which the best toy is. What is amazing to me might not be so great to you. Our bodies are different. Our sensitivity level could bee drastically different. I encourage you to host a Passion Party so that you can truly experience the toys and make an informed decision on which is best for you.


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