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Monday, February 15, 2010

Empowering Women from the Bedroom to the Bank!

Like many of you I was stuck in a dead end job, daydreaming of what my life could be like. I dreamed of a job where I could spend more time with my family, be involved with the kid's school, and still earn enough money to provide for my family. I knew owning my own business was the answer, but how exactly do I do that. I was always involved with helping others. But I worked in the non-profit sector and was really ready to move on from that. So what options do I have?
I attended a Passion Party my friend was throwing. I expected to see some toys and maybe order an item or two so she gets credit etc, Half way through the party I realized that I could totally do this. i could be this woman selling these items and making money off of it. I could be a Stay At Home Mom, and really be there to raise my kids. I could do this!
You can too! I want to share with you some of the things that sets Passion Parties apart from other party plan companies and how you can reap the rewards of this awesome business!
Wether you choose to work FT or PT Passion Parties really has something for everyone! In these hard economic times many people are looking for a way to supplement their current incomes or replace lost jobs. Passion Parties is an excellent way to do this!
•Earn up to 40% on personal sales
•Earn up to 10% additional payout
through CASH bonuses on
personal sales
•Earn CASH bonuses on every new
personal recruit who places a
qualified order
•Earn up to 5% overrides on your
recruits’ sales three levels deep
•Earn a $400 monthly Car Bonus
•Earn $1,000 per month through our Home Award
•Earn trips to Convention
•Earn valuable jewelry, prizes and awards.
Earn recognition for your achievements
With Passion Parties, you are in business for yourself but not by yourself.
You receive support through:
• Video, Audio and CD training
• Personal training from your sponsor and upline
• Monthly “Partners in Passion” magazine
• Regional workshops and seminars
• National Conventions
No Experience Needed!

How Do I Join?
If you are ready, you can call me and we can go over everything on the phone. I can even sign you up online so you can become a consultant instantly. Or you can fill out the Application and mail it in with a money order written to Passion Parties.Kits start as low as $100. We have a great one on sale right now for $169. It's a great investment in yourself. You can earn back the price of your kit with your very first party! Use your tax refund to invest in yourself!

Things you need to know to sign up:
Which kit you are comfortable with
Which shipping method you prefer
The sales tax in your area/shipping address
What form of payment you want to use

We could get you your kit in less that 1 week &
you could be making money in less that 10 days!
To learn even more about becoming a Passion Consultant;
Visit the website below.

Username: passionate
Password: aboutmyfuture

After visiting the website;
Please contact me to answer any further questions and to sign up!

Erica Ardali; Independent Passion Consultant; Team Leader
(317) 459-6945 ~

Call me TODAY
But don’t wait; we can always help you add on if you cannot afford the largest kit now.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Big O

Orgasms. The Big O. 25% of women are orgasmic during sex with a partner. These women are normally in a long term committed relationship, are confident with their bodies and the relationship with their partner. These women are able to just let go. They are able to clear their mind and focus on their partner. Not many of us right!
Women are aroused by different things then men. Men are aroused by pictures, they are very visual. Women are aroused by words. Words she may never say.Naughty words, swearing,dirty words. Women need to feel sexy, wanted, appealing, and that they are capable of turning on the man.

Tips to help Drive you to the Destination.

Women- Use lube!

No cooking oil, vaseline, baby oil etc. Not only are none of them designed for vaginal use, they destroy condoms increasing your chances of being exposed to HIV/STD's.
I recommend Revelations by Passion Parties.
Revelation™ Lubricant
Enjoy all-night passion with just a few drops of this non-staining, long-lasting lubricant. An ultimate lubrication that feels like silicone but is water-based. Can be easily reactivated with a couple drops of water. 4 ounces.

Not only are they fun but they can help you get there so much faster. If yoour man has an issue with toys try explaining "this is a tool not a replacement". Those of you that have been in long term relationships will want to spice things up. See my next post for more on this topic. Toys are amazing!Sensual aids and toys are more popular than ever. Yet many people need or want to be discreet about purchasing such products. Through in-home parties, we bring the value of product knowledge, education, and confidentiality simply not found in the retail environment. Visit my website to book your party today!

Change Positions: Switch Positions! Woman on top position is considered to be the best position for female orgasm,however you should feel free to experiment! Find what feels good for you! we recommen reading - Complete Guide to Sexual Positions.
A Sensual Guide to Lovemaking. Expand your sexual repertoire with this detailed, illustrated guide to multiple lovemaking positions. Includes simple steps for achieving G-spot orgasm, among other fascinating tips

Fourplay: All day long!
Send your mate text messages, emails, whatever. Build up his and your anticipation for the nights bedroom activities. Play together, have fun with it! It will be worth it! Men pay attention to her entire body! Not just her vagina, or their clitoris, or her breast. Lick her ear, the back of her knees, legs, arms, everything!

Masturbation: Most women achieve their very first orgasm by masturbation. Statistics show that women who masurbate have orgasms more frequently with their partners because they are able to tell their partner what they want, what feels good, what they like. Most men don't get it. They need .to be reminded and shown what you want. We will touch on this more in future blogs. There is an amazing book called Tickle Your Fancy by Dr. Sadie Allison. The "how to" masturbation guide for women. Learn more than 30 self-pleasuring techniques with more than 60 diagrams and illustrations. Become an expert at using fingers and sex toys, and strengthen your sexual awareness and sex life.

Passion Parties by Erica offers several products that can help drive you to your destination. To book your party, become a consultant or buy a product contact me online at