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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Add some Pizzaz to your Home Party with Themes!!!

Bored with Home Parties? Tired of the same old presentations, decorations, and food? Think THEMES! Summer is fast approaching and it is the perfect time for a home party! There are so many possibilities! Whether you choose to have Mexican Fiesta or Chocoholic Extravaganza your consultant is committed to creating an unforgettable experience for you and your friends.
The time involved in planning your themed party is really no different than that of a typical home party. D├ęcor is important is creating the mood of the party. It is important to work with your party plan consultant so that she can plan according to your theme. This can bee discussed in your coaching appointment.
Themed invitations set the tone for your party, as the guests know what to expect at the party- there is nothing worse than showing up at Pajama Party in your work clothes! Your consultant should have access to invitation templates that will coincide with your party theme. These invitations are widely available or, with a little no-how, are easily produced using Microsoft Publisher or other comparable software programs.
For my themed parties I offer a drink or dessert recipe that complements the theme. This helps support the hostess in her party plans and ensures that the theme is seamless throughout the entire event. Food and drink work as a secondary prop for the event. While I do recommend that refreshments for home parties be kept as simple as possible, it is a nice gesture to offer food and drink to your guests. You do not have to offer a full meal, however Nachos at a Cinco De Mayo party just makes sense.
Your consultant can also offer product bundles and other specials that can correspond with your theme. When I do a Chocoholic Extravaganza theme I offer a discount on our White Chocolate Body Powder. Work with your consultant to see if there is a special promotion she can offer your guests to enhance the quality of your party experience.

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