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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My Life as a Passion Diva

Diva. What does this word mean? The Webster Dictionary states that the word Diva is a literal translation of the Latin word Divus which mean goddess. It is also a word to describe a singer, fashion personality etc. But today the word means all things glamorous. Every woman has an inner diva and Passion Parties wants to help you set her free! I always recommend the liberation of your inner diva!
Now the Singer Beyonce educated us on her last CD "I am Sasha Fierce" that a "Diva is the female version of hustla!" Now while this term has been overused in realation to criminal activities the term Hustla or hustler, depending on where you live, is the epitome of the entrepreneur. It means living, eating, breathing your business. However, being a Passion Diva is so much easier! Our parties are fun and educational and women LOVE our Products!!
I have been involved in Passion Parties for almost a year now and I can tell you from my personal experience that this business is life altering. I have been empowered by Passion Parties. I run my own business and I'm able to spend quality time with my kids and my husband while earning a good income!
My Story: I hated my job! I worked in an office with tons of awful policies and procedures and whose workplace politics literally drained me of all energy. I went home completely spent just from the sheer stress and horrible vibes that radiated from that place. I knew I wanted to build a business of my own but no idea how to get started or what type of business I wanted.
A very good friend of mine invited me to a Passion Party. I was game! I need a Girls Night Out like you wouldn't believe! While at the party I watched the consultant and realized I can do that! It's not to hard. I decided that night that I was going to sell Passion Parties.
2 Weeks later I got my kit. 2 Weeks after that I was qualified. And I have never looked back! Passion Parties has given me a sense of overwhelming joy! I am signing my own checks and loving every single minute of it. I have seen this business change lives. I have seen shy girls become out going divas. I have seen abused women gain the inner strength financial means to leave their abuser. I have seen girls pay their way through college all through Passion Parties. I a currently growing my Passion Parties team and would love to help you reach your goals? What is it that you want out of life? Where do you want to be in 5 years? Passion Parties can help you get there!

Start earning 40% and more today, Have everything you need to start your own Passion Party business for as little as $179…
Your own hours, Your own $$$$, Your own home, Your own car, Your own goal’s.
Money a little tight? Contact me today for more information on ways to get a discount on the purchase price of your starter kit!
Erica Ardali
Team Leader for Passion Parties

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