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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Spicing It up in the Bedroom

It happens to us all. After a while, in any relationship, things go a little stale. As Human beings, most of us crave stability. We want the norm, little house, white picket fence, a husband, a few kids – the American Dream. –BORING! Sexual Boredom is very dangerous to any relationship. Amongst other thing sexual boredom can lead to low sex drive in both men and women.
Keeping things exciting in the bedroom can be tricky. Male partners can feel threatened by the introduction of new sexual techniques. They can also feel that they may not be performing at a high enough caliber to satisfy their partner. You know ladies sometimes we have to take it upon ourselves to bring the inner freak out. Below you’ll find some tips and techniques of different things to try.

• Explore erogenous zones – ears, elbow, nape of the neck etc.
• Give your partner a deep 10 second kiss.
• Kiss your partner from the nape of the neck down to the top of the buttocks- slowly.
• Roll the tip of your tongue from your partner’s knee up to the inner thigh.
• While performing oral sex try adding ice cubs or menthol cough drops.
• Play Dress up! Get all dressed up for a good old fashioned role play session- will you be a nurse, or a cheerleader, or a prostitute?
• Go through your Passion Parties catalog and pick things out together.
• Try Edible Body Pens. Draw on your body which spots you would like him to explore.
• Visit a local hotel for lunch hour tryst – for no reason at all.
• Call or text him dirty messages – if you need inspiration check out our Texxxt Messages Card set.
• Introduce toys in the bedroom. If your partner has an issue with this there are techniques to try.
• Make time for sex! We are all busy. Make time for your relationship.
• Take a picture of yourself in a lacy top and satin thong. Stick it is his briefcase or lunch bag.
• Leave a note that says you can wait for him to com home tonight.
• Write on the mirror with lipstick – “I WANT YOU KNOW!”

Try 1 or all of these things and have fun with it! Try spicing it up everyday!

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