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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Feel Passionate about the Skin Your In

It’s summertime and skin is in. As you pull out your shoulder baring dresses, strappy sandals and leg-baring shorts, you may notice your skin needs a pick-me-up. Now is the time to revitalize dry skin, and Passion Parties features the best products to do the job, with natural emollients and soothing ingredients. It’s important to place an emphasis on cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing.
Cleanse & Exfoliate
Begin by using the Super Deluxe Love Smitten and RomantaTherapy® Luxurious Bath & Shower Gel™, made with gentle aloe vera and infused with plumeria, to cleanse and exfoliate. The stimulating nubs of the smitten aid with circulation, which helps to tone and firm skin. By slipping a waterproof Maxi Bullet into the built-in compartment of the Super Deluxe Love Smitten, you can also add sensual vibrations. Apply some Salt Glow Body Scrub for additional exfoliation and a spa feel.
Moisturize & Enhance Your Suntan
Next, pat yourself dry and apply RomantaTherapy® Radiant Body Lotion with
Plumeria all over the body. This wonderfully moisturizing lotion is infused with lightreflecting mica particles, which give your sun kissed skin a shimmery glow.
Hair Removal
Leg-baring shorts require hair-free legs and the best time to shave your legs is while cleansing. Soft & Silky UniSex Shaving Crème is enriched with jojoba oil and allantoin, a healing, moisturizing, soothing and anti-irritating agent. Since summertime is bathing suit time, use Soft & Silky Shaving Crème to assure smooth skin
for your sensitive areas as well. Using the Soft & Silky After Shave Protection Mist afterward provides the best results.cing your suntan and making you glimmer like a star.
FeetDon’t forget your feet! Before applying your
favorite summertime color to your toe nails,treat your feet to a delighful foot soak. Utilize Passion Parties RomantaTherpay Bath Salts and Let's Play Massage Oil. In addition, apply Brown Sugar Body Scrub to your feet and heels and rid yourself of dry, flaky skin.
Besides using our premium body products to get you ready for summer,
you should also consider following these easy tips:
• Drink plenty of water.
• Use SPF sunscreen daily.
• Increase the amount of fresh, leafy greens in your diet.
• Eat lots of sweet, juicy fruits.
• Try deep breathing, which helps to purify the body and keeps your skin looking fresh.

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