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Monday, June 14, 2010

Pamper your Inner Diva

Today’s modern woman balances so many responsibilities in her life: family,
career, friends, volunteer work, social obligations and more. Forgetting to
add herself to that equation is something that most women seem to do.
Women are so busy doing for others, they often miss out on doing something
special for themselves. Sound familiar?
You wouldn’t think that taking time to pamper yourself would be such a big
deal, but here’s why it is: with so many people depending on you, you need
to be at the top of your game, all the time and everyday. The only way to
accomplish this is by nurturing your needs and pampering yourself.
Think of yourself as a race car. Race car drivers spend hours pampering
and tending to their race car. That’s because it’s essential that they can
depend on their car to achieve victory. As a woman-on-the-go, you are no
different. And, if you want to be able to go full throttle, you absolutely must
incorporate self-pampering into your busy lifestyle. As Pat Davis, author of
the Random House best-selling book, “The Passion Parties Guide to Great
Sex,” would say, “Pamper your inner Passion Diva.”
■ First thing first is to schedule your pampering sessions. If you’re like the
typical, busy, 21st Century diva, you probably have a calendar you use to
keep your schedule. Now is the time to add long baths, massages, trips to the
nail salon and even sensual time with your partner onto that schedule. If that
schedule is viewed by the whole family, just label your sensual time as “date
■ Take inventory of the type of pampering you need. Do you often feel stress
or tension in your neck or back? Then consider adding massages to your
pampering schedule. Have you noticed you are less limber than you once
were? Think about taking a Pilates class. It’s summer time. Are you looking
a little on the pale side? Time to hit the tanning salon. Sit down and analyze
the type of pampering you think you need and add it to your schedule.
■ Make it easy for yourself. If pampering becomes just another chore to do,
you aren’t going to want to do it. So find ways to make pampering yourself
easy. For example, if you would like to add manicures and pedicures to your
pampering schedule, but the nearest salon is a 20-minute drive, gather a
group of friends and hire a technician to visit your home. Also, always keep
spa-like products in bathroom. You’ll need lotions, scrubs, shower gels,
bubble baths and body mists to pamper your inner Passion Diva daily. Select
tranquil and romantic fragrances and keep all your products together in one
container or basket. Call it your special pampering pantry.
Pamper Your Passion Diva Once you incorporate self-pampering into your daily schedule, you’ll find yourself better equipped to handle any little thing life throws
at you, whether it’s traffic, a late appointment or a surly store clerk. With proper balance and soothing pampering, you’ll find yourself able to go full throttle, all day and every day.

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