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Monday, June 14, 2010

The Rabbit - Not Just for Easter Baskets!

Ever since that special episode of HBO’s hit series “Sex and the City” in which Miranda introduces Carrie and Charlotte to the wonders of a rabbit vibrator,
these vibrators have become wildly popular. Today, rabbit vibrators are the best-selling vibrating sex toy on the market for women and there are over 100 varieties available, from big to small, skinny to fat,low-tech to high-tech. There is a rabbit vibrator to fit any woman’s sensual desires.
The term “rabbit vibrator” is synonymous with sex toys designed to stimulate both inner and outer sex organs at the same time. These particular toys are also referred to as “dual action” or “dual purpose” vibrators. The shaft is normally carved to resemble a penis while the rabbit attachment branches upward from the shaft to vibrate the clitoris.
While most rabbit vibrators look alike, there are always notable differences. The most gratifying rabbit vibrators, such as the Cosmo Bunny, also feature inner beads which rotate to massage the vagina, a pulsing and vibrating shaft, a multi-speed rabbit clitoral stimulator and a waterproof design – so you can take your rabbit vibrator into the shower or tub with you. The price of a rabbit vibrator mirrors
its capabilities. The lower the price of a rabbit vibrator, the less features included. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for.
Rabbit vibrators emerged from Japan where it was illegal to produce sex toys that resembled male genitalia, so clever craftsman created toys to look like cute, approachable animals. The practice continues to this day, and this style of vibrator has earned legions of loyal fans.
The animal vibrator you choose matters. Bunny ears are critical for
that ever important clitoral stimulation. An awful lot of bells and whistles in one sex toy may seem unnecessary, but consider this: approximately 70% of women to do
not orgasm with penetration alone. Studies show that 15%-20% of women have never experienced orgasm. With a rabbit vibrator, the guesswork is removed from sexual exploration, thanks to the dual action design, various speeds and intensities. You can customize your experience to find what works for you, and achieve orgasm
with minimal effort.
Here are some tips for enjoying your rabbit vibrator:
1. Wetter is better. Use lubricant when enjoying your rabbit
vibrator. You may use a water-based lubricant, such as
Revelation Lubricant, or a silicone-based lubricant, such as
Slip n’ Slide. But, if your rabbit vibrator is made of silicone,
use a water-based lubricant only.
2. Experiment with the controls. Vary the speeds, rotation and
intensity. Have fun.
3. Remove the batteries from the toy when not in use.
4. Clean the toy between each use with Clean & Simple Adult
Toy Cleanser.
5. Store separately in a plastic bag away from other toys.

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