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Friday, July 30, 2010

~ Passion Parties ~ Does this Business Really Work?

We all know friends or family members who started a little business for ‘side’ income or to follow a get rich quick scheme. Maybe they were talked into it by a friend or something they saw on an infomercial on TV. But those people (our friends and family) didn’t become success stories…they stopped…they quit. Those businesses just didn’t work! Or did they?

Most MLM businesses (if not all) DO WORK. So why did our friends give up? If they had stuck with it, they would have reached success, but what happened is they gave up too soon. They didn’t see success for themselves and for each small success they did reach – it took a huge amount of effort. So, why blame them?

ENTER…Passion Parties. What makes us different? Why should it work? Why should you become a success story? Well, we really are different…we really are easier… and we really do create success. Here are four reasons why:

ALL MLM party plans have to sell their products, sell their parties and sell their business opportunity. For some party plans, these are ‘hard sells’. OUR products, hard to sell – no way! The sex (adult industry) produces more income than Hollywood, the sports industry and the music industry COMBINED! How many ‘other’ party plans can honestly say – their products sell themselves? But, in the “Passion” industry, they really do. Marketing companies continually use sex (sexy images) to entice consumers to buy their products. Well, guess what – we are sex! How many times do you hear a hostess say “my friends have been bugging me to have one of THESE parties for a long time”? How often are those friends yearning for her to host a Tupperware or Candle Party? Hostesses have those parties for the free stuff and they guilt their guests into coming and booking. Our parties are considered ‘parties’ first and ‘buying parties’ second. The subject SEX drives companies like Xandria, Victoria’s Secret, Fredericks of Hollywood and much of the Internet itself. We ARE the hottest industry!!

Our company is a party plan structure and ‘party plan’ is the easiest and most successful venue for an MLM Company. Why sell to one person when you can sell to 10 at one time? Your audience is having fun, feeling comfortable and encouraging each other to buy and often encouraging each other to go into the business. The referral system is also built-right-in. Your entire audience knows that it is expected for someone to carry on the fun and book another party. Lastly, because the parties are so much fun and so informative, people talk about them long after they are over – this means lots of free publicity for you!

In this business we have almost no competition. Our customers will typically not go into an adult bookstore – they are too embarrassed. Our customers want to see, taste and touch and they can’t do that over the Internet. Our customers want a caring relationship from their consultant and they won’t get that neither from the clerk at the adult store nor from the website of an adult company. ALL other party plans have to compete with places like Wal-Mart, Kmart, Craft Stores, Victoria’s Secret, etc for plastic containers, makeup, candles, crafts, clothing, etc… our products are not found in any department store! When it comes to “other” pleasure party plans….even they are NOT our competition. Most are smaller, cheaper organizations…the catalogs and products are generally low budget and never change. They rarely own their own private labels. We have a product and service that cannot compare with ANY other!

Passion Parties is the Place to Be! We have the best-printed materials, the best products and variety, the only private label products, the best educational materials AND the best compensation plan! We have nearly 13,000 active consultants across the United States and Canada who collectively earn over $1 million dollars in bonuses and overrides each month (plus 40% at party discount). There are six Home Award Achievers, almost 100 Car Bonus Achievers and 34 Million Dollar Club Achievers! We are the first company (adult party planning) to have an international presence. We have been featured in the top newspapers, magazines and news stations all over the country – all with a clean and POSITIVE image! We have also achieved a 50% growth each year since 2001. We are a $65M debt free, privately held company. We are a solid, successful opportunity!

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Erica Ardali

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