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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Talking to Your Kids About Sex

There is going to come a time when you’ll have to talk to your kids about sex. You may not have all the answers – I recommend you do some research on STD’s etc most public libraries carry tons of books on the subject.

Do not hand them a book to your kids and tell them to read it – try leaving it on the coffee table while your watching tv together – you guys can browse through it together and your then available to answer questions

Try going to the local health department- they have an awesome wealth of information. You gather pamphlets and other information about STD's Birth Control etc. They often have material designed for youth.

It is important to talk to your kids about STD’s and Birth Control. I know there is a growing idea, some of my friends have it. That discussing birth control with your kids is giving them permission for them to have sex. I like to think of it as nipping it in the bud. Do you want them to know or assume that the ever common myths about sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy are true. Also as I was a very rebellious teenager, They really don’t need your permission.

Peter Mayle wrote an amazing book called – What is Happening to My Body. It discusses puberty and explains what is going on during those very confusing pre-teen years.

It is important that good education starts at home. These are your kids, and ultimately, regardless of how Americans like to shrug the responsibility, there education lies with you.

I hope that some of these suggestions help you discuss sex with your children. Remember that that you ar doing your children a disservice by being afraid to have the hard conversations with them. I encourage to seek help when needed and make your self approachable to your kids. If they are afraid to ask you basic questions then why would they come to you with a major one. Oh, the joys of parenting!

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