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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Importance of Intimacy Enhancers

One thing you never learned in sex education or from your mother is that intimacy enhancers are just as important to your sex life as beauty products are to your skin.

Think about your bathroom drawer or counter. How many bottles of
anti-aging products, skin lotions and toners do you have? Think about
your cosmetics case or bag. How many bronzers, blushes, lip sticks and
mascaras are in there?
Just like you use beauty enhancers to make you feel and look more
beautiful and confident, intimacy enhancers are also used to improve
sensuality and sexual confidence. And what are intimacy enhancers?
Like beauty products, there are many intimacy enhancers on the market
and they consist of six basic categories:
■ Genital Stimulants
■ G-spot Stimulants
■ Lubricants
■ Vaginal Tightening
■ Topical Delay for the Penis
■ Anal Desensitizing
Genital Stimulants – Products such as Ready to Go™ and Pure Satisfaction® are genital stimulants designed to inspire arousal. Pure Satisfaction is designed for both men and women and is also Passion Parties’ number one selling product and featured on the daytime medical show “The Doctors.” Why? Well, as Dr. Jennifer Berman, Director of Female Urology and Sexual Medicine at the Rodeo Drive Women’s
Health Center in Beverly Hills said, “Because it works.” Genital stimulants are applied to the genital area prior to foreplay in order to promote sexual response, stimulation and arousal. You may not be “in the mood” at first, but a genital stimulant will change that.
G-spot Stimulants – While genital stimulants can create excitement on the outer regions of the genitals, they are not designed for female internal stimulation. A G-spot stimulant, such as Passion Parties’ RomantaTherapy® G-Spot Crème, is designed to engorge the G-spot, making it easier to locate, stimulate and increase the likelihood for G-spot orgasm. Most women find it difficult to explore their G-spot and achieve orgasm. G-spot Crème resolves that problem. It’s Ph balanced
for a woman’s body.
Lubricants – It’s simple: wetter is better. Age, hormonal cycles, stress, pregnancy and other factors can all hinder a woman’s ability to create her own natural lubricant. Using a sexual lubricant during sex simply makes it more enjoyable and takes the pressure off both men and women.

Vaginal Tightening – Some women need assistance with increasing the snug feeling that
many men desire. A vaginal tightening gel such as Tighten Up™ can maintain tightness
of entry.

Topical Delay – Some men need assistance, too. A safe, topical cream such as Stay Hard helps men stay in control and keeps their erection lasting longer.

Anal Desensitizing – For couples who enjoy anal play, an anal desensitizing product like Topical Eaze can assist by making penetration smooth and pleasurable. It slightly desensitizes wherever it is applied making anal play more enjoyable.

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