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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Join Me and the Allstate Foundation in the Click to Empower Campaign

As many of you know, financial security is the number one predictor of whether a domestic violence victim will get free and stay free from abuse. Help the YWCA earn $75,000 from The Allstate Foundation to support economic empowerment for domestic violence survivors. The Allstate Foundation is donating $1 to the YWCA for every tweet that includes #Tweet4YWCA. Tweet as many times as you can from July 7- 16.

The Allstate Foundation chose YWCA to participate in this campaign because they support The Allstate Foundation’s work to bring economic empowerment services to domestic violence survivors. YWCA has a long history of supporting domestic violence and economic empowerment programs in local communities. Last year, YWCA also narrowly missed winning the Click to Empower grand prize in the Foundation’s digital campaign.

With the downturn in the economy affecting more and more survivors, the life-saving services provided by YWCA and The Allstate Foundation have become increasingly important– so get ready to #Tweet4YWCA!

What you can do to help?

· Tweet, retweet, and tweet some more! Every #Tweet4YWCA earns one more dollar toward the $75,000 goal.

· Use newsletters, Facebook, Twitter, websites and other tools to encourage your networks to visit and #Tweet4YWCA.

· Post a #Tweet4YWCA button or banner on your website,Facebook page, or e-mail signature (visit to download).

Domestic Violence is a cause that I am very passionate about. No one woman or man deserves to bee harmed this way, especiallty not at th hands of the one they love. The emotional scars left after the abuse has ended often leaves a shell of a person behind. Please Join me in the Click to Empower Campaign. Let's end it once and for all.

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