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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Struggles of a Direct Sales Romance Consultant

Struggles of a Direct Sales Romance Consultant

As a consultant with a romance company we sometimes get the short end of the stick. This post by Lynsey Jones over at Party Plan Divas pretty much nails exactly how I feel from time to time and how as a true Diva, Romance Consultants must treat our profession with the honor and respect it deserves. We are not selling sex but the chance for more couples to be more intimate, leading to more communication and a sense of wholeness in their relationship. If you are thinking of joining the ranks of the Passion Divas this post pretty much sums up how to present yourself to others. And don't worry, I'll train you on all the rest! If you'd like more information on becoming a consultant I can assist with all the information you need to get started! Just visit my website for more information. You can even leave your contact information to get a call from me, Just Click Here! :)

Have a Passionate Day Divas!

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