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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Romance 101

What is the number 1 complaint from women in committed relationships? Not enough intimacy. The second half of the year is the worst for intimate encounters. The end of summer brings Back To School excitement and hectic schedules. This is followed by the Holiday Season that brings high stress, tight budgets, and more often than not flared tempers.
So how does one feel sexy after all of that!? The need for intimacy does not diminish; rather it is placed on the back burner of our minds while we tackle more meaningful tasks. But what is more important than strengthening the intimate connection in your relationship? Below you’ll find some tips and tricks you can utilize to enhance the romance in your love life.

• A night of great sex starts in the morning. Leave your lover notes around the house, in his briefcase etc. I recommend the 52 Naughty IOU’s.
• Leave him text messages describing the evening you have in store for him.
• Plan out your evening and keep your toy box stocked! Try something new and exciting to add some extra spice!
• When the kids are away the folks will play! Use every opportunity to spice up your relationship.
• Enjoy your partner and don’t skimp on the foreplay!
• Try the 30 Day Sex Challenge. You have to do it. No matter what. For 30 days. Check out the challenge at -
• Communicate about your needs and desires.

I hope these tips help aid you in quest for a more meaningful fulfilling relationship with your partner. For info on the latest Passion Parties products or for information on how you can stock your toy box for free or at a discount, check out my website at

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