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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Passion Pointers

very Passion Diva can use a few tips to escape the daily grind and add spice to a relationship. Each month, Passion Parties will post Passion Pointers to help you ignite your passion. Below are just a few ways to release your Passion Diva and escape the tensions of your day. Go at your own pace, but get the fire extinguisher ready with a few hot ideas for a steamy night.

For a Sexy Night, Start Foreplay in the Morning. Blend sensual stimulation into you and your partner’s daily activities. “…look at sex as a part of your entire day and not just as the thirty to ninety minutes that comes in at the end” says Passion Parties President Pat Davis in her book, The Passion Parties Guide to Great Sex.
Start the Morning of Your Sexy Soiree by Getting Enough Sunlight.Recent studies have proven soaking up sunlight can boost sex drive and increase testosterone, a hormone that naturally occurs in women and elevates during arousal. By getting your daily dose of vitamin D from natural light, you’ll have higher levels of testosterone and a stronger libido.
Get Creative with Seductive Messages. Throughout the day send your sweetheart sexy text messages to get his mind wondering what’s to come later.
Cool Things Down to Heat Him Up. Keep things cool while you and your beau are getting hot in the sheets. Try stuffing a set of clean sheets and theInflatable Passion Pillow in a bag and place in your fridge. The cool caress of the fabric against your skin can add another dimension of sensuality. Let the sheets chill for a few hours (maybe while you’re making & eating dinner). After dinner, make your bed, grab your Dirty Dice and let the games begin.
Feed Your Fantasies. Begin the evening with aphrodisiac ecstasy. Grab some gourmet recipes from The New Inter Courses: An Aphrodisiac Cookbook and tantalize your taste buds. says many foods known for their aphrodisiac appeals are also loaded with vitamins! So dig in! Try some oysters on the half shell, they are drenched with dopamine and zinc and are sure to put your mind and body in the mood. Don’t forget the wine. The Mayo Clinic says drinking a glass of red wine (in moderation) is full of antioxidants and other heart healthy benefits.
Turn on the Mood Music or Create Your Own Lyrics. Get into the mood with some sexy tunes from your MP3. Write a sensual love poem for your Romeo and read it to him in candle light.
Clean Up to Get Dirty. Share the shower with your lover and lather up withGreen Tea RomantaTherapy Luxurious Bath & Shower Gel massaging each other from head to toe. What you do next is up to you. ;-)
There are lots more Passion Pointers, feel free to try your own. Remember, Pat says, when “…you take responsibility for your pleasure, your pleasure will pay you back”.

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