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Monday, June 11, 2012

Host a Passion Party 317-459-6945 INDIANAPOLIS INDIANA Bridal/Wedding Service Classified Ads -

Host a Passion Party 317-459-6945 INDIANAPOLIS INDIANA Bridal/Wedding Service Classified Ads -

We offer Pure Romance tips For Your Pleasure at our a Passion Slumber Parties. Party Gals or Naughty Ladies, our Pleasure Passion Parties are sure to liven up your sex life! You can feel the Good Vibrations from miles away! Adult toy party, sex toy party, Bachelorette party - we do it all, providing the ultimate girls night in.
************** This is a Adult Party Business Opportunity***************
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Wedding Bells? The Bachelorette party segment of the market is definitely hot and profitable! We have some great bachelorette party ideas, bachelorette games, bachelorette toys, bachelorette party supplies and more! Book a party for a sex toy bachelorette party . Our bachelorette party supply selection includes favorites such as feather boas, penis pacifiers, penis candy, nude cards, bachelorette gift bags, and plenty of sex toys for her (and your) enjoyment. Book a bachelorette party with Passion Parties and your bachelorette will receive 10% in free products for her hostess rewards. As always, our private adults-only girls night parties are totally safe and secure. Your private orders will be conducted in a private room and held in confidence.
Our catalog is classy, tasteful and you can earn 10% of sales as the hostess at your party! We only offer the top of the line products, the last thing you want to do is try and sort through tons of 1500 products like some of the other companies make you do, and we do Couples Parties, Bachelorette Parties, Ladies Night Out, Girls Night Out, Sorority Parties, College Dorm Parties, Hotel Room Parties, Poolside Parties, Bunco Parties, Barbecue Parties, Divorce Parties, Birthday Parties!
Melody Paul is your Party Lady and is a recruiting specialist  NATIONWIDE! You will learn about sex with your friends or coworkers in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. Sell these products at really fun parties! Better than cookware and jewelry, some reps make SIX FIGURE incomes!
Call Executive Director Erica Ardali  @ 317-459-6945
To Schedule Your Party and Learn more about our business, please visit:  
Passion Parties are the home parties of the new millennium. Our parties are for adults only (18+) a must and are conducted in the private residence of a hostess. Passion Parties consultants travel to individual homes to deliver an entertaining and enlightening presentation of our product line. They provide the guests with essential information about sexuality and romance in a professional manner. Customers have the opportunity to touch and taste our lotions, . Additionally, women can use this party atmosphere to laugh and bond with their friends. After the presentation, each guest is able to purchase her selections in a private, confidential shopping room.
Erica Ardali  Executive Director Passion Parties
317-459-6945 Join Passion Parties and Become a Passion Parties Consultant AL,AK,AR,AZ,CA,CO,CT,DE,FL,GU,GA,HI,IA,ID,IL,IN,KS,LA,KY,MA,MD,ME,MI,MN,MO,MS,MT,NC,ND,NE,ND,NH,NJ,NM,NV,NY,OH,OK,OR,PA,RI,SC,SD,TN,TX,UT,VA,VI,WA,WI,WV,WY,DC,Canada,Puerto Rico, Passion PartiesHost a Party, Couples Parties, Passion Party's Toys Parties, Adult Parties, Pleasure Parties, lingerie parties, fun parties, adult sex toy parties, passion tossed toys, adult toys, stripper pole, gigi, pure satisfaction, adult fun, surprise parties, sexy lingerie parties, We cover Nationwide, USA and CANADA, Looking for consultants to join my Passion Parties Team in all States and Canada, If you have an apo
address you can join over seas.. CALL today or visit my web site anytime
Did you know that I have consultants all over Nationwide. We have consultants on our team in almost every State as well as Alaska,Canada, I cover USA and CANADA and it doesn't matter where you live you get the same training and help that's needed to help your business succeed.  OUR team works as a Team and that's very important to me.. We always help each other and have made some great friends through out this business as well. That's why Passion Parties is number #1
[size=0]Passion Parties Alaska, Passion Parties Anchorage, Alaska, Passion Parties Barrow, Alaska. Passion Parties Delta Junction, Alaska. Passion Parties Fairbanks, A
Sex toys and buying toys with me, enter the code:  SATISFIED   always get 20% off online orders!
Advance, IN
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Angola, IN
Arcadia, IN
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Athens, IN
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Atwood, IN
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Aurora, IN
Austin, IN
Avilla, IN
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Boggstown, IN
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