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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Passion Pointers: Holiday Edition

The holiday rush… additional expenses… multitasking… it’s a busy
time of year. With everything that’s going on, it’s easy to forget to take some time for your inner Passion Diva.
But there is something you can do about it. This month, we’re giving you
ten tools (gifts, really) to help boost your self-esteem. These exercises are designed to aid you in reclaiming your confidence and sexual prowess, and
reawakening your Passion Diva. Go get her!

1. RECONNECT – Spend at least an hour journaling. Write
about your wants, passions and dreams. Be as detailed as
possible. Don’t just focus on material desires, but the emotions
you’d like to feel.

2. DREAM – Grab a few magazines and cut out images
associated with the things you want (based on your journaling).
Glue the clippings on a large poster board. Cover the entire
surface, collage-style. Once complete, hang your new dream
board up in a visible place within your home.

3. BE FEARlESS – Do something that is a little intimidating
to you, while wearing Rendezvous. Maybe, it’s dining alone,
starting a conversation with a stranger, making amends with
an old friend, scheduling that long-put-off appointment, or
taking the first step toward realizing your dreams – pick YOUR
power. You can even dedicate the whole day to doing what
scares you. No way, you say? YES way! Do it!

4. lIVE IN THE MOMENT – Be in the “here and now” for one
whole hour. Turn on some soft music, and focus on now and
nothing else. You can prepare your mind for “moment time”
through meditation or even some simple breathing exercises
(a quick Internet search will show you how). Then, follow with
a soak in Plumeria RomantaTherapy® Sensuous Bath
and a spritz of Plumeria RomantaTherapy® Pillow
. Inhale. Exhale. Breathe in. Breathe out. Don’t think. Just
experience. Ommmmmm.

5. INDUlGE – Enjoy an evening of pleasure (the other
kind). Have a marathon session of your favorite movies, while
snacking on your favorite treats. Try one of the decadent
desserts in the “Guilty Pleasures” section of “love on the

6. BOND – Make like Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and
Charlotte of “Sex and the City” with a female-bonding session.
Grab some cocktails and dish about, well, everything. (Toxic
friends need not apply). Talking to the people who really
matter in life is a very therapeutic activity. For a really effective
experience, turn it into a slumber party with popcorn, a round
of Party Truth or Dare Game, and girly rituals. Try Avocado
and Cucumber Mask – a fun homemade beauty recipe from
“love on the Menu.”

7. PREEN – Want an instant confident boost? Get primed
and pampered. Apply Simply Sensual Intimate Shave
; and then revitalize your skin with “Life is Just a Bowl
of Cherries Bath Scrub,” a recipe by Passion Parties President
& CEO Pat Davis (see page 153 of “The Passion Parties
Guide to Great Sex
”). Finish off with Simply Sensual Toning
Body Butter.

8. HEIGHTEN SEXUAl AWARENESS – Live sensual for
a day. Wear lingerie underneath your work attire, and dab on
some Pure Satisfaction. For more tips and techniques, see
pages 143 – 148 of “The Passion Parties Guide to Great

9. BE A PRINCESS – Who doesn’t love sparkly, shimmery,
glittery things? Put on your sexiest goddess dress (or those
magic jeans that hug your butt just the right way), a crown and
Glitter Body Gel. Diva it out by cranking up the stereo and
singing your favorite, confidence-boosting, “I rock” songs.

10. FEED YOUR BRAIN – Learning can boost confidence
by making you feel more competent in what you know. Expand
your sexual knowledge with a good book from the Passion

Gifts that keep on giving… Try these tips:

• Look at your dream board at least twice a day – when you wake up in the morning, and after you get home from work.

• Try any of the ten “gifts” whenever you’re not feeling your best.

• For a more effective experience, “open” the gifts when they can be done consecutively, and you can really focus and commit 100%.

Perhaps, it’s best to wait until the first of the year, after the holiday-chaos has come and gone. And, then you can take it even further by making it a regular part of your life – New Year Resolution? Absolutely!

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