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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Proper Care for your Adult Toys

Every Passion Diva knows that proper care and storage extends the “life” of your passion toys.

We recommend you clean your toy before and after every use to prevent the transmission of bacteria. Despite what
you may have seen on television or in movies, never clean your vibrating toys in a dishwasher (only glass dildos are

dishwasher safe). The extreme heat from a dishwasher cycle may damage your toy, and even though it might be

waterproof, battery compartments and electrical components should never get wet. Always use a cleanser formulated

especially for passion toys as regular soap may be too harsh for the toy’s material and your most sensitive area.

Clean & Simple™ Adult Toy Cleanser Spray, Clean
& Simple Adult Toy Cleanser Wipes or Passion

Parties® Adult Toy Cleanser Concentrate are a

must-have in any woman’s Passion Pantry.

designed for all passion toys, these cleansers contain a range of

antibacterial properties that inhibit microbial and fungal growth

without upsetting your body’s natural pH balance.

After cleaning, carefully rinse your toy with lukewarm water.

Avoid getting water or cleanser in the battery compartment or

on any electrical component. Lay your toy on a lint-free cloth

(like a cloth diaper or a towel made for drying cars) to air dry

or use a lint-free cloth to wipe it dry. Using a lint-free cloth will

keep the “fuzzies” found on a normal bath towel or washcloth

from sticking to your toy.

Now that you’ve cleaned and dried your passion toy, the final

step is properly storing your toy. Remove the batteries to extend

the life of the batteries and your toy. If your toy has a removable

bullet, separate the bullet from the toy when storing.

Place your passion toy in a plastic
storage bag or Passion Parties toy bag

(wash the bag before use to prevent

the color from “bleeding” into your

toy). Toys should always be stored

individually as some toy materials

are not compatible with each and

may cause peeling, discoloration or

All get the job done,

but which adult toy cleanser
is right for you?

One bottle of
Toy Cleanser Concentrate

way – it’s like creating a bath for your

toys. Add water, dampen a washcloth

with the mix and generously wipe the

toy with the cloth.

Passion Parties Adultgoes a long

Clean & Simple Adult Toy Cleanser

doesn’t require any mixing. Simply

spray it on, wipe and rinse.

is a convenient option that

Clean & Simple Adult Toy Cleanser

the go.” They take up less room in a

suitcase and you won’t have to worry

are great when you’re “on

about spilling during a flight. They’re

also the perfect size for a nightstand.

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